What Is The Difference Between Comprehensive Car Insurance Collision Car Insurance

By | July 6, 2016

What Is The Difference Between Comprehensive Car Insurance Collision Car Insurance

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance and Collision Car Insurance, most people call Linda know they need auto insurance but the maybe if they’re the surfers purchase in their first car all they know is that they do need full coverage because that’s what the loan company really holder is telling them they need.Usually you’re gonna need comprehensive and collision coverage.If you have a loan on your car show if you’ve got a car for no matter how much as long as you have a loaner can require you to carry for coverage.So I won’t explain just a little bit about what it is you’re by comprehensive coverage you can buy in deductibles the usually the standard anymore is around 500 but you can go down to 50,100,150,500 or even a thousand-dollar deductible comprehensive and what comprehensive covers is fire there and storm damage those are the primary things that we think about .Comprehensive Car Insurance

What Is The Difference Between Comprehensive Car Insurance Collision Car Insurance

What Is The Difference Between Comprehensive Car Insurance Collision Car Insurance

What Is Collision Car Insurance

So let’s talk about those real quick fire course if your car caught on fire for say the engine caught on fire that is comprehensive.So if this happened to your car the the insurance company would pay up to the Blue Book value your vehicle minus your deductible it saves by the that fire.Also theft if somebody stole your car if somebody broke into your car that would be vandalism they stole your radio there’s overage as long as it is attached to the car just if it’s your laptop computers sitting in the front seat that has to be covered by renters insurance or home owners insurance so it has to be attached to the car.

Difference Between Comprehensive Car Insurance Collision Car Insurance

The next coverage Comprehensive Car Insurance would cover would be storm damage so storm damage would include way and kayo tornado and lightning this would all be covered by comprehensive.If lightning hit the car doesn’t happen very often but it certainly could that would be covered by comprehensive extreme hey over here in the Midwest we get quite a bit so that is also covered.So any type storm damage like that tornado high winds anything like that so that is
comprehensive coverage one other coverage that is covered by comprehensive that’s kinda interesting is if you hit a deer you today any animal in the road that he is still covered by comprehensive even though you really you think of it as a collision because you’re colliding with something body and but in auto insurance if you
hit a deer that is Joe comprehensive.

So that explains a little bit about Comprehensive Car Insurance now the other
part afford coverage besides liability comprehensive his collision coverage.So collision coverage also you can
choose many different deductibles you can go one hundred so many commercial insurers a go much higher than their but for our personal auto policies the standard collision deductible is either and if you wanna go with a 1000
deductible because a the premium maybe a little or you need to contact your lien holder and see if they will allow you to take their high over deductible slot times they may say you can only have $500 deductible in Ohio although most companies are starting to change their because articles are the more common but collision coverage what is that cover why do I need. will this week over the car in the event that you collided with something it could be another vehicle but it doesn’t have to be you can also be you collided with , if you hit a ditch you collided with that did you get your car venture we’ that his collision coverage also.

If you had a huge pothole in the road and damaged her we’ll that is collision coverage so which paid by near collision not your comprehension obviously if you hit somebody else’s car
or a and damage your own car than their peers collided Russian so that is collision so when you your loan company the reason they want you to carry comprehensive and collision is obviously their protection your car you can carry liability only church and do not carry common collusion there is no coverage on your own car so that is dangerous dangerously you have a loan on the car so I hope this explains a little bit about comprehensive and collision

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